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21 April 2017


We have just been advised directly by Ports of Auckland that they are at capacity for arriving vehicles and there will be continuing delays in clearing the back log of vehicles on the wharf. As there are currently over 5000 cars to be moved, and with 7 vessels due to discharge in the next 7 days, there will be ongoing delays. This issue has been compounded with 3 short weeks this month and the unfortunate compacted vessel arrival schedule.

Please bear with us as this is entirely beyond our control and we will endeavour to get your vehicles delivered as soon as possible.

18 March 2017


Dear Autohub Customer

Due to recent changes to Legislation within the finance sector (relating to Anti-money laundering), and the conflict of interest arising with Autohub handling the process of UK VAT recovery and subsequent Zero rating for export, we have made some changes to the process of our VAT recovery service out of United Kingdom.

We have engaged a UK registered company called Three Pears Vehicle Solutions Ltd. that will handle the purchase and then the on-selling of VAT Qualifying vehicles (exclusive of VAT) from the UK.

Although Autohub NZ will no longer be supplying a VAT recovery service itself, you can request this service directly from your “My Autohub” home page. We will work closely with Three Pears Vehicle Solutions to ensure the quality of ongoing services. This new structure and subsequent increased UK compliance costs has unfortunately meant more costs in providing this service. As a result, the VAT recovery service fee will now be slightly higher.

For continuing ease, we will shortly release a separate booking form to be located on your “My Autohub” page on our website. In future, all your online applications for VAT recovery will go directly to Three Pears, who will confirm the vehicle is eligible, then invoice you for the Zero-Rated price, plus fee. Should you then want Transit Funding, this will be dealt separately by Autobridge Ltd, who will handle things from there. We will be in touch as soon as this goes live later this month.

For more information, please call John at (09) 411-7425, or email

25 January 2017


If you log in to your “My AUTOHUB”, you will see that there are some changes to the layout and look . You now have brand new forms for Ship Booking, VAT Recovery, GST Recovery, and Transit Finance Application. Once logged in, these forms will auto fill in appropriate areas, and will assist in making our work more accurate and efficient.


Due to the recent setup changes required by law, to allow us to provide this service, there is a slight increase in price charged to remove the 20% VAT from Qualifying UK Vehicles. Be aware next time you order this service. Contact us for more info.


Transit Finance and Extended NZ Funding (floor plan) is now offered by AUTOBRIDGE Ltd, in conjunction with AUTOHUB Shipping. Transit Finance Terms remain the same, but by law, you will need to perform a one-off registration before funding can take place.


AUTOHUB now have a dedicated Team of Customer Service staff, led by John Cameron. All Customer enquiries will be dealt with by John and his team in future, including claims (handled by Phil Ronaldson).

John has been part of AUTOHUB for some years now, and Phil has recently transferred from a career in Insurance. We welcome John, and Phil into their new roles, and hope all our customers see some benefits in this move.


Dream Angel 2 (Armacup) arrives into Auckland on 11th April, with over 900 Autohub vehicles on board. With Friday being part of the Easter break, carriers hope to have most vehicles delivered by Thursday afternoon. The port is still congested, but carriers are working extremely hard to maintain deliveries as fast as possible. Please be patient.

Trans Future 5 v98 arrives Thursday 13th, but will not start working until Tuesday 18th.


With reference to above it would be appreciated if you can ensure early payment of any Invoices for vessels arriving during the Easter break. Please ensure Invoice number used as your reference.


We regret to inform you that after 6 years of tireless service, Joe and Karen BARNETT have made the decision to pursue their own destiny, and have formed a new company called “SOC NZ”.

This company will continue the service of provision of Emission Certs, and Statement of Compliances, (previously handled by the AUTOHUB team internally).

If you want Certs produced, please contact them at, or or telephone Joe on 027-777 5616.

Joe is a mine of information about certification, and will readily answer any questions you may have. I personally thank Joe for the success he brought to Autohub with the UK, and we all wish Joe and Karen the very best for the future. I am sure our paths will cross again in due course.

For all UK enquiries from now on, please contact Danny Knight: 027-444 3433,


AUTOHUB was the first to provide a Total Package Service.

We are a team of “Ex Car dealers” and we put together services that offered benefit to Car Dealers, for Car dealers. We have prided ourselves on including as many items as possible, to remove all the unknowns, all the trouble spots, and to offer a guaranteed fixed price, regardless of what goes wrong. Many of our included services go by unnoticed, and it may only be when you consider a cheaper alternative in the marketplace, that you may, or may not understand exactly what you get for your money.

Please feel free to discuss the service we provide, at any time. We are proud of the results we get, and welcome enquiry, or a visit to our office.


Don’t forget that AUTOHUB have great full package services in and out of Australia, including a GST REMOVING SERVICE, with offices in major ports.

For more information, or a viewpoint on the Australian markets, contact Tony Tiehuis on 021-611 271, or


If you have any comments that you would like to share with us, be aware that we welcome your feedback. If we can help in any way, we want to know. So please don’t be shy in making contact, and we will respond.


25 January 2017

Dear Autohub Customer,

Firstly, we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and hope 2017 goes well for you, your family and your business.

2016 ended on a somewhat sour note for us, and unfortunately, we now have to advise you of the following:

Container Pricing Changes

  • Late December, Maersk notified us of an across the board price increase for container services, particularly from Japan.
  • Prices into various NZ Ports ranged significantly, with container pricing into Auckland and Christchurch being the highest increase.
  • We have been in discussions since with Maersk and our RORO service providers to see what price reductions could be achieved in order to minimise any cost increases that have to be passed onto our clients.
  • Unfortunately, Container Service prices will be increasing. All vehicles departing Japan from February 1st in containers will be subject to the new pricing.
  • Where possible, if Roro shipping works out cheaper than the new container pricing, we will default your service to that to minimise the increase.
  • If you wish to confirm what your new pricing will be, please call us.
  • If you wish to change your service to RORO from Container (where this option is available) you will need to advise us of this IN WRITING.

The AUTOHUB Team look forward to providing you with the best service possible, and we thank you in advance for your ongoing support.


11 January 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

Due to the large number of vehicle arrivals in Auckland ( in particular Transfuture 5 V96) transporters have advised that is likely that they will be unable to deliver in a timely manner. This may affect both Roll on Roll off and Container deliveries from not just Japan but UK/Singapore and Australia.

In addition we are advised some Compliance Centres are likely to be unable to handle increased numbers.

Lyttleton Port and Christchurch compliance centres are also swamped and experiencing same issues as above.

Therefore, we request your patience and understanding in a situation that is beyond our control and respectfully request that you allow extra time before calling the office checking for deliveries. Auckland vehicles on Transfuture 5 V96 arriving 12 Jan will not commence moving from Port until lunchtime 13 January.

If you have more than one vehicle you may also find that they are delivered at different times and not necessarily on the same transport carrier. You may wish to contact your Compliance Centre and confirm your vehicles.

Thanking you in advance.


12 December 2016

Hello to all valued clients,

Season's Greetings!

Autohub NZ will be closed from 12 noon Friday 23rd December ~ and will re-open 8.30 am Wednesday 4 January 2017.

This is a first for us in 10 years, and with the growing volumes in vehicles shipped, we want our staff to take a well-earned break and spend time with their families.

We need your cooperation in order to maintain our service levels to you over this challenging period when ports, Customs, MPI, and Transporters will all be short staffed or closed.

Should you have vehicles arriving during our closure, please ensure payment of invoices are sent to us as soon as possible, and at least BEFORE ETA .

We suggest that you check all NZD and JPY payments from now on and ensure payments are up to date, so that we can give releases to carriers in plenty of time to schedule deliveries prior to our closure.

Any invoices not paid for on time will leave us no option but to place your vehicles into storage at your cost until business resumes.

Deregs (Export Certs) - the last courier run from our offices for this year will be Thursday morning, December 22nd. This is to minimise the risk of dereg loss or delivery to closed compliance centres. If you need a copy scanned and emailed to you for any reason, please contact us.

Compliance Centres - It is our understanding that many Compliance centres will also be closed during this period, so please ensure you are aware of dates of any closure for your centre. We suggest you contact your centre, find out what they are doing, and inform us of any difficulties, or any change in delivery address, well ahead of arrival dates.

Japan Services - Also during this period, our Japan Office will be on its New Year Break. Therefore please make sure that your Agent sends a timely “Release” to the Autohub Japan office if required, or we are mandated to hold delivery of your vehicle until they do.

Emission Certs - Please apply for Emission Certificates and Statements of compliance in the normal way throughout this period and they will be dealt, however there may be a slight delay in receiving the final certificate.

UK PORTS - The UK port operation will be closed, as there is no vessel calling at Felixstowe over this period, so please do not arrange for delivery of cars to port between 23/12/2016 and 03/01/2017.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and wish you all A merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Autohub Team.


Key Points
  • Much Lower Price
  • No More Volume Rebates.
  • Rewards Points Remain
  • Lower Flat rate for Storage
  • Review when new Import Health Standards come into force

In Detail:

We will lower our standard price for our Package Service. We believe our new price will be extremely competitive, and simple. This will take effect on Shipment invoices generated after March 1st.

We have simplified matters by abolishing the complicated "Volume Rebates" scheme, in favour of a reduced up front price. This new price will be far lower than you would have received on the old Rebates scheme, and makes the cost of importing similar vehicles predictable, rather than variable.
This applies only to driveable, running vehicles, under 20cu/m which do not require special handling.

We have retained the AUTOHUB REWARDS POINTS, for every car paid for. This is a very popular scheme, and we felt it stood us apart from others, and brought a little something special to our business, that could benefit you or your family personally.


At the request of the Japanese Sellers, we had previously created a set of charges for non-payment which ramped up with time. They asked for our assistance in creating a scheme which pushed importers into paying as soon as possible. But after trialling it for them, we decided the negative effects on OUR business outweighed any benefit, so we have returned to a flat rate. The fee is a daily rate, which covers storage, extended Insurance, Admin, and use of money. Any vehicle remaining in storage after 30 days will be reviewed with the importer to get resolution.

New Import Health Standards:

Very soon, the NZ Government will enforce a new set of Import Health Standards. Basically, all vehicles from Japan will need to be inspected, treated, and cleared for Bio-Hazards, BEFORE being shipped.
Currently, a vehicle found to contain live contamination (creepy crawlies) can be shipped, and treated in NZ. This stops.
Any live contamination will need either cleaning / Heat Treating, or Fumigation in Japan.
The costs to accomplish this in Japan are not established at this stage, but they will almost certainly be much more expensive than currently performed in NZ, and will probably mean an increase in charges for those vehicles requiring the extra treatment.
Once we understand what the story is, we will notify our customers with the effects it will have on them.

AUTOHUB thank you for your continued support, and hope these enhancements bring benefit to you overall.



After 10 years of thrashing our Livers, we have decided to give our "Round NZ Xmas Party Tour" a break this year. 
We are very conscious of the drink driving alcohol level reduction, and the pressure of the Xmas panic, and have made the decision to change this year.
We will still try to show our appreciation to our customers, but will try to make the goodwill gesture reach all of our regular trade customers, instead of just those who attend a party.

This is a work in progress, and I will update again soon.



MPI has presented a Proposal to change the Import Health Standards for items coming to NZ.
As far as vehicles go, the MPI goal is to have all motor vehicles pre-cleared in Japan prior to importation to NZ.
Any live organisms found will be required to be dealt with in Japan, or the vehicle turned round in NZ and sent back to Japan.

At this stage, this is unworkable, as Methyl Bromide Fumigation is unavailable in Japan, and to date, there are no heat treatment plants suitable for vehicles, so unless something changes it will cause a high degree of stress in our industry with inspected but "failed" vehicles possibly having to be cancelled.

AUTOHUB is working closely with service providers, and MPI to reach a better outcome, and will keep you updated.


If you are considering shipping two wheeled vehicles, then please contact us first.
Placing Bikes in Vans is considered as "Dangerous Goods", and shipping lines will charge tariff rates on all bikes whether they are inside another vehicle or not.
Also, if there are Bikes inside vans, they cannot be MPI Inspected in Japan, and must be cleared for Bio-Hazard in NZ.
To do this, the bikes have to be removed, Inspected, and re-packed inside.
Apart from extra expenses, we do not cover and damage or loss to the bikes or the van.

Basically, shipping a bike is almost as expensive as a car, and is risky, so please call us .


As explained previously, you can now link your incoming vehicles directly with Motorcentral, simply by clicking your acceptance in the "Motorcentral" Tab, in MyAutohub.
If you have an interest, have a look at Motorcentral online. You may find some great tools, and benefits.

INCLUSIONS (Stuff inside cars).

Just a reminder that anything left inside, or placed inside a shipped vehicle, is of interest to NZ Customs.
If you (your Agent) inform us of inclusions, and issue invoice copies, we will be happy to customs clear 5 line items free.
More than that we will charge for the customs entry.
In either case we have to pass on any GST/Duty levied.

Please remember that our Transit Insurance will not cover Inclusions, and we take as much care as possible, but do not accept any liability for loss or damage.


The UK market has been hit by the strength of the pound against our own dollar.
Autohub are cofident this is a market ready to kick off again shortly.
The NZ new dealers of high end European cars are feeling the pinch as prices from the manufacturers rise into NZ, whereas they are dropping going into the UK, as the pound is also strong against the Euro.
We expect to see late low mileage hi-end cars in the UK dropping in price while new models of the same will increase in price in NZ.

At the beginning of this year Autohub increased it’s investment in the UK by employing another staff member, Graham Hubbard.
Graham has life long industry experience and is on hand to assist locating suitable stock, as well as assisting with Autohub’s export centre and shipping services.

Autohub staff Graham Hubbard and Carl Reddings outside our UK export centre.

To contact Graham (best by email, due to time difference) and he will assist wherever possible.



Xmas is closing fast, ships keep coming, and we don't stop working.
Please.... Please.... plan ahead.
Check your calendars as to holidays, and payments.
Check whether your Compliance Centre is open or closed.
Notify us of any changes or issues well ahead.

This is a very stressful time for all service providers, so please have some consideration for them and us.
Any double handling, being turned around if someone is not open, or too full, non payments etc will cause untold problems, and incur extra charges to you.

If you are going to be away (Lucky!) give us a call so we can take care of your cars for you until your return.
Any Questions, or feedback: or (09) 411-7425

6 October 2015

Autohub linked with MotorCentral

Recently, we have made changes to our system where users of Motorcentral are able to automatically link their “My AUTOHUB” Data to their Motorcentral Account.
There will be a new Motorcentral tab in your “My AUTOHUB” account.
Please read the terms and conditions on the page and accept by clicking on the tick box at the bottom and pressing save.

Once this is saved, all relevant data will automatically be linked in with your Motorcentral account.

Note: This is only applicable for Motorcentral Users. If you would like to join up with Motorcentral, please go to




23 June 2015


To our Valued Customers,

There appears to be a new scam operating out of the UK.

They list a bogus vehicle for sale (so far in USA based market websites), then when it sells, the seller informs the buyer that they will be contacted by Autohub Ltd, who will take a deposit in trust, and deliver the vehicle.

The scammer posing as Autohub Ltd then contacts the buyer with an invoice for payment, using a UK Bank account.

  • The company “Autohub Ltd.” is bogus in the UK.
  • The vehicle is bogus.
  • The seller is bogus.
  • The email address is bogus (note the misspelling on the domain name).

They use names taken from the real AUTOHUB contact list, but modify the email address ending. The emails given use a mis-spelt email address…… (replacing the "u" with a "v" which is easy to miss if you're not careful).

The website listed is our genuine site so the company initially looks genuine.

If you have any doubts at all about the seller or are asked for funds by Autohub, please contact me at, or call the NZ office +64 9 411 7425

John Davies
Managing Director


25 June 2014



Is an absolute nightmare. We have some vehicles blocked in for up to 6 weeks, and no amount of complaining seems to create better results. The Port Authority has just received the payment to repair the Cashin Quay, and work (I believe) has started on the foundation piles. This means no cars can be parked on the Cashin area for some time. Lyttleton has parking for 800 units on the Reclaimed areas, and 600 on the port, but recent volumes has put so much pressure on the parking, and The Port appears to have had very little appetite to resolve its customers problems. Toyota NZ is meeting with them to try to resolve their delay issues, and Autohub is trying for an audience shortly. Basically, it is a situation where we must simply try to keep on top of the thousands of vehicles held up by block stacking, causing only the front row to be removed at a time. If you have any vehicles you feel have been held up unduly, then please contact us and we will try to ascertain the extent of the problem. AUTOHUB DELIVERY NOTICES If you have had vehicles delivered recently, you may have noticed email advice of delivery. Autohub have created a real-time notification of deliveries, which is updated at 10 minute intervals. This is the first stage of a more interactive data management system, and future development will enhance our systems. I welcome any feedback you might have, as being a “development” in progress, we have several options of where we can go with it.


If you are late with Autohub Payments, or your Agent in Japan has not authorised the release of your car, then (in order to assist you), we will place your car in secure storage, and maintain insurance. The only other option is to leave the car on port for a Demurrage charge of $60 a day, with no insurance, and a high risk of damage. This situation causes delays to all other well prepared customers, who rightly deserve good service.. Even if you pay Autohub on time, and your Agent has released, we frequently get cases where we deliver to a Compliance Centre, and get turned away due to no room. The transporters choices are to leave your car on the side of the road with keys in, or take back to secure storage, delaying delivery of all other cars on that load, and all subsequent loads that day. If this happens, then your car will remain in storage, and final delivery will only take place after all other deliveries have been completed. In both these cases, Autohub, and Tow companies are put under stress, with extra workloads, usually during the frantic 3 days we have to clear the ports. If your late payments cause us to organise storage, or your cars are refused delivery by your nominated receiver, we have to spend time organising alternative arrangements, and transporters get frustrated by the unexpected extra workload. Unfortunately you must take responsibility for the situation, and liability for the extra costs. As from Aug 1st, 2014, there will be a new set of Fees, and Service Charges as per below:



(+ GST)





1st tow paid


DAILY  CHARGE (including arrival/depart day). 1-7 days










$50 local





TOW TO ALTERNATE STORAGE         (Minimum charge)



DAILY  CHARGE (including arrival/depart day)




You can avoid many of these charges, by simply informing us of your situation before ETA so that we can prepare for the event, but if you simply ignore us, and leave us to rush round during hectic times, then we have no option but to pass on any extra costs for the time and grief caused. AUTOHUB has a great deal of really great customers, who we appreciate immensely, and it is a shame that we put our services to them at risk for a few errant clients. We cannot continue. I invite any of your comments regarding this situation


Those customers purchasing damaged vehicles, or Non Running vehicles, please be aware of EXTRA CHARGES that you will incur. It is the Port Stevedores, Tow Companies, and Shipping Lines who make the call to tow, or forklift. NOT AUTOHUB. Their decision will not only be based on the vehicle condition, but will be influenced by time constraints and volumes of cars to shift. They will not muck around when loading/unloading hundreds of cars,for a single vehicle, as extra minutes berthed cost the vessels dearly. Here is a list of extra charges:











Please read and digest, then make allowances when you purchase. Please don’t make this an Autohub issue if you receive extra costs. By the time we receive any extra charge information, the work has already been completed, and charges will come.


If you purchase large units such as Toyota Hi Ace, or Landcruiser, then you will be aware that in standard form they just squeeze under 20 cu.m. If your vehicle has a roof rack, or Nudge bar, then it will be over the 20 cu.m volume, and you will be charged accordingly by the shipping line. The step from 0-20cu.m to the 20-30cu.m will mean an increase in Freight of around $1000. So just a few centimetres can cost you dearly. Shipping Lines calculate sizes from your De-Reg Certs, and we have no ability to manipulate the figures. If you want us to try to do something, then it is up to you, or your Japanese Agent to have the oversize items removed from the vehicle and contact us before shipping, and we will see what we can do to re-measure prior to shipping. If you do nothing but complain when you receive our invoice just before ETA, then there is not much we can do. For discussion, or enquiry, please contact us on (09) 411-7425 or Regards John Davies



17 March 2014

LATE ARRIVAL OF VESSEL - Transfuture 6 V69

To our Valued Customers,

Please be advised that due to bad weather caused by Cyclone Lusi, Transfuture 6 V69 will now be one day late and will not arrive in Auckland until Friday 21 March.

Deliveries are expected to commence from noon on Monday, 24 March.


18 December 2013

2013 Windup

I must admit I will be glad to see the end of this week! We moved the Autohub office on the weekend, which was a Major undertaking shifting Servers, Telephone systems and 14 computer stations with printers attached. The move went well, but we have been plagued with telephone issues since.

Due to damage occurring to roadside cables, (just our luck!) we don’t have any land-lines operating, and all incoming calls to the office, and DDIs are now diverted to a single mobile phone. Please accept our apologies if you are having difficulty getting hold of us, but it is totally out of our control, and may continue for a few days.

We would appreciate general enquiries coming by email rather than phone, and you will probably be replied to sooner that way.

Due to work-load, we are all working 12-14 hours a day. Ports are congested, and so are the roads. This happens every year, so we shouldn’t be surprised. We are simply doing our best to make deliveries as seamless as possible for you. Autohub will be working on all work-days over the holidays, but be aware that shipping schedules are disrupted over the Xmas period. Ports and Transporters have reduced staff and services will be a little slower than normal.

If you have vehicles arriving, and you are on holiday, please make suitable arrangements with us now. If we can't get hold of you, then you may have vehicles placed into secure storage until you return. Extra charges will apply.


UK Shipping: 

It is Christmas time again in the UK and so we have to be aware that sailings and receiving at Felixstowe, our UK container port, will be disrupted.

Last sailing of 2013 is Saturday 21st December Maersk Taikung  And last receiving of vehicles will be Tuesday 24th December, 12.00 noon


Due to depot closure and inspection requirements, this means the first sailing of 2014 is Saturday 11th January effectively meaning that there are two weeks with no vessels departing.  Please can you let your vehicle pickup company know of this and you should allow for the extra time in your expectations on delivery in NZ.


Finally, I want to express my sincere thanks to all those who chose to use AUTOHUB this year, and wish you all a Great Xmas, and prosperous New Year.


13 December 2013


AUTOHUB's New Zealand office is moving to a new building over this next weekend. 

There will be some interruption to our service, which is unavoidable, sorry. We will be turning the main phone lines off from 12.00 lunch-time, and disconnecting all computers, so if you need to settle invoices, or have any requests, please try to get in early. 

Hopefully, Telecom can divert the office line to a mobile, so that we are still contactable Friday afternoon during the shift......and Monday, but we may have trouble coping with multiple incoming calls until the pabx is set up and re-programmed fully, so we request you understand and allow us some latitude for a couple of days. If you have trouble, here are some mobile numbers of staff:

  • John Davies 021-928924
  • Andrea Davies 021-888404
  • Tony Tiehuis 021-611271
  • Robin Suttie 021-421974
  • John Cameron 0273-828343 

Apart from the phones, we are reasonably confident that its “business as usual” on Monday next (trying to be positive here!).

New Address

Unit 9 (upstairs)
190 Main Road

Thank You


8 MAY 2013


We have reviewed our pricing structure, and wish to announce a change to Volume Rebates.

At present, we reward Volume Customers, with 3 discount steps only.

  • 0-25 cars/mth = no discount. 
  • 25-50/mth
  • 50+_/mth. 

There are a number of customers who fall between these three steps, such as 10, 20 etc cars per month, who receive nothing at present, so we will  re-establish our previous system of “VOLUME REBATES”

As from June 1st, everyone will get invoiced at the standard “no discount” rates, and we will count the numbers of cars invoiced on a monthly basis.

We will then apply any credits back to you as a “VOLUME REBATE” on the first invoice of the following month.

REBATES will be issued in 10 car increments:

0 - 9 cars  $0 per car Rebate
10-19 cars  $10 per car Rebate
20-29 cars  $20 per Car Rebate
30-39 cars   $30 per car Rebate
40-49 cars   $40 per car Rebate
50+ cars  $50 per car Rebate

29 APRIL 2013


The Kiwi Dollar is gaining strength every day. Over the last 2 months, increasing numbers of vehicles are being shipped to NZ from Japan. We can see that in the next few weeks, unprecedented numbers will be arriving. 

This will put extra strain on already congested ports, and transporters will have difficulty coping, especially in Auckland and Christchurch where traffic causes delays. We believe that many Compliance Centres are at near capacity, and cannot park more cars. 

If you have vehicles coming (into NZ), PLEASE check your Compliance Centre to see if they can accept your cars. This is YOUR responsibility. If transporters get turned away, then you may face triple towing, and storage charges, and it slows the whole delivery process for you and for others. 

AUTOHUB staff are burning the candles at both ends, and working extra hours to make sure that we are up to speed, but want to just let you know that there may be some delays, or inconveniences in deliveries in the next few upcoming weeks, and hope that you understand the situation as it stands, and do what you can to ensure you are not caught up in delivery problems. 

Please contact us before ETA to make any changes.

29 APRIL 2013


AUTOHUB's support of is working out well. 

The vendors on the site are targeting NZ type vehicles as they get used to this market, and are trying to increase vehicle numbers on the site. We have had some issues with one supplier, but have taken steps to ensure there are no more problems. 

The AUTOHUB Export Centre at Felixstowe remains the only site to offer NZTA Border Inspection, and Full Pre-Maf (MPI) facilities in the UK. The site is working so well, with the excellent services by JEVIC, that we now have our sights set on looking at expansion in the near future. 

If this holds any interest, please call me ( John Davies ) direct to discuss the new stages of development soon to be released. 

Our thanks go out to JEVIC for the faith placed in this project, and with AUTOHUB.

26 APRIL 2013


For customers dealing with our team in Japan, Golden Week in Japan is a little disjointed this year. Please note our open/closed days below:


Date & Day Office Yard
26 Apr 2013 Friday Open Open
27 Apr 2013 Saturday  Open  Open
28 Apr 2013 Sunday  Closed Closed
29 Apr 2013 Monday  Closed Closed
30 Apr 2013 Tuesday  Open Open
1 May 2013 Wednesday Open Open
2 May 2013 Thursday  Open Open
3 May 2013 Friday Closed Closed
4 May 2013 Saturday  Closed Closed
5 May 2013 Sunday Closed Closed
6 May 2013 Monday Closed Closed
7 May 2013 Thursday Open Open

22 NOVEMBER 2012


Global Freight Awards 2012 - Winner supply chain partnership award

AUTOHUB was proud to be named winner of the Supply Chain Partnership Award ( along with our partners PENTALVER and JEVIC),  at the Lloyds 2012 Global Freight Awards.

30 JULY 2012


I am proud to announce that AUTOHUB has opened UK's first Inspection Centre to complete LTNZ Border Inspection, and MAF (MPI) before shipping to NZ.

AUTOHUB Representatives greet the media

The facility became operational on July 16th, with media, and dignitaries present from Pantalver, JEVIC, and AUTOHUB.

We already have fully pre-cleared cars on the way!!

We have engaged JEVIC to handle all pre-export inspections at our facility, so you have the same independent and competent inspection services that you have come to know from Japan, but with one added feature:

AUTOHUB Representatives in front of the AUTOHUB inspection centre building AUTOHUB Representatives in front of the AUTOHUB inspection centre building

The inspector will pre-inspect all vehicles for structural defects, and if he feels that there are issues which will result in permanent flagging, then the vehicle will "hold" its process, and you will receive a detailed report and photos.

You can now either budget for repairs, or make a call to export or not, or discuss with the seller prior to export.

For the first time, you will be in full control of export from the UK.

Once past Border Inspection, the vehicle will continue through MAF Clearance, and in almost all cases, the vehicle will be free to clear from the NZ port as soon as it arrives.

This is an obvious advantage over your competitors who do not use AUTOHUB.

One of the greatest fears with buying from the UK is structural damage and/or rust. UK dealers have no issue with this and so no great importance is placed with Auction / dealer inspections.

Some NZ buyers have chosen the cheapest vehicles to import, and tried the cheapest services, and have consequently attracted the biggest problems. They now "bag" the whole opportunity whereas in reality if you search out bottom feeders in any marketplace, you will end up with the sludge.

We felt that by opening a full export inspection facility, we could bring greater certainty and confidence to the market.

Our belief is that Japan will become increasingly difficult to source vehicles over the next 5 years and alternatives must be found.

To that extent, we are confident that out investment in the UK is well founded.

Car Tarnsporter in front of the AUTOHUB inspection centre building

We are extremely excited with this new facility, and wish to express our utmost thanks to JEVIC, Pentalver UK, MPI, and NZTA for their support.

Any discussion can be directed to:

John Davies
Mobile: 021 928 924
DDI: +64 9 411 0002

30 APRIL 2012


With the demise of Kiwi Car Carriers (KCC) confirmed, AUTOHUB would like to offer any former customers of Kiwi (KCC) an opportunity for us to demonstrate AUTOHUB’s excellent D2D service.

AUTOHUB were the originators of the D2D (Door to Door) all in one fixed price service in New Zealand which eventually pressured our competition to follow suit in not only an attempt at service but also forcing them to reduce (what were at the time extremely high) freight prices.

The AUTOHUB service proved so popular that within a very short time AUTOHUB was shipping approximately 30%+ of all used imports from Japan and this figure has continued to grow.

AUTOHUB now also ship from Japan to Australia and many other countries and has started to ship out of the UK. For more information give Tony a call at our office PH 09 411 7425 or on his Mobile 021 611271.

27 February 2012



Due to MAF pulling out of Japan, and unable to perform the LTNZ Border Inspection check, this work is now required to be done by third party contractors.

Good News is that we have this under control, ready for implementation on Jan 16th.

Bad News is that we will all get charged for it.

We expect rises in our pricing to be approx $45 if performed in Japan, and anywhere up to $85 + gst when done in NZ.

I am currently speaking with providers to formalize pricing.

In the meantime, we will increase our D2D invoice price by $50, and record the overs and unders for two months. Then review the increase.

We have processes in place to have cars Border Inspected, both in Japan and NZ.

This will take effect on all cars which have pre-MAF in Japan departing Japan from Jan 15th, or those cars landing in NZ from Jan 15th which have not been MAF/LTNZ Inspected offshore.


IMDG Regulation now classifies Internal Combustion Engines as "dangerous goods" and motor vehicles will now face restrictions on travel.

The first to take affect will be all vehicles shipped in Containers. New documentation declaring individual vehicles as dangerous is required right now. Japan may even be restricting vehicle travel further by requiring all fuel to be removed from vehicles by approved operators. Can you imagine Auckland or Lyttleton port with 2000 cars which don’t start?

Tow on a ship and off costing $800……who pays??

Whatever happens, I am sure it will be more difficult to process vehicles and more expensive to ship.

Watch this space……we will keep you informed as soon as the back-room boys in the "How Can We Create More Income and Keep Our Staff" department of various governments make their call, decide what ships require this and we see what effects this has.

BUY UK CARS Ltd New Years Offer

As a New Years Promotion, any car purchased using from Jan 15th 2012, you will receive from Buy UK Cars a NZ$250 Credit donation to AUTOHUB‘s shipping package ex UK. This is a great offer, and we are pleased to pass this on to you.

As a gesture of support, AUTOHUB has decided to match this offer, and reduce our shipping package a further $250.


Arval Lease Company in UK, has offered to donate a new Ipad 2 to anyone who purchases two units or more during this 30 day period. Max of 10 Ipads to give away.

This gives you discounts of $500 for vehicles purchased from from Jan 15th. PLUS…buy two or more vehicles and get a new Ipad!

This offer expires midnight Feb 14th. …………..Take advantage NOW.


We have heard from a couple of Dealers that Japan Auction prices are firming.

We would be interested to hear from you to see if any trends are coming out from auctions there.

28 November 2011


Once again, the troops hit the road very soon, and will be coming to a location hopefully close enough for you to attend.

(We already have our Livers in training, and stocking up on antacids, and panadol!)

This years events will all be held at compliance centres, following very kind offers from both VINZ and VTNZ.. We will put on some drinks, and have a BBQ, and also line up 14 vehicles from the UK for you to see and chat about.

We will also be launching a buying platform for interested people to have the ability to buy online, (right then if you want!) so hopefully there will be something for everyone.

We sincerely hope you can attend, so that we can meet face to face once more, and thank you personally for the continued loyalty.


Dec 5 Dunedin VINZ. 20 Teviot St
Dec 6 Christchurch VINZ 471 Columbo St
Dec 7 Nelson VINZ. 34 Packham Cres (Off La Fayette Lane)
Dec 8 Wellington VINZ. 215-19 Parliament St. Lower Hutt
Dec 9 Palmerston Nth VINZ. 65 Taonui St
Dec 12 Napier VTNZ 2 Taradale Rd
Dec 13 Tauranga VTNZ. Cnr 9th Avenue/ Edgecumbe Rd
Dec 14 Auckland VINZ. 79 Carbine Rd, Mt.Wellington

As usual, there will be raffle draws, for prizes on the night.

Start time is 5.30pm, Finish 8.00pm. Hope to see you soon!


At present we have a number of vehicles unpaid for, sitting in storage.

Those ones that are Double Digit Emission Code, and non compliable next year will need to be fully paid for by Dec 1st, or we will be forced to comply them, and forward all costs to the importers. We have been left with no choice.

If you have cars in storage, and make partial payments, then those double digit cars will be credited and released first.

In the New Year, we will be contacting the Long Overdue customers with the view to settle balances, or cash up cars to defray costs.


The last forum for discussion surrounding ETS scheme for next year willl be held Dec 8th. Unfortunately I (and my staff) will be in Nelson, but IMVIA will be attending, and we hope to also have some eyes and ears there.

We will report back very soon after, but rest assured, you will face increased importation costs next year, regardless how it finally comes out.

In question are details surrounding how they will charge, what form that will be in, how and who may report on importations, whether the first 100 units are exempt, and who is actually the importer (in our case AUTOHUB is generally the importer).

Hopefully, we will get a better idea on what, or what not AUTOHUB can do to take some of the strain away from individuals.

John Davies

Further info contact

18 September 2011


I write this note to you, to clear up any rumour which may come, regarding our interests in the UK, from people who prefer to make comments rather than speak to us directly. Well, I guess that's nothing new.

We had a goal in the UK, and the reason we haven't made a full announcement yet is because this has been a particulary complicated, and difficult task to accomplish, and we are not quite there yet.

AUTOHUB have made no secret that we see the UK as a potential source of vehicles, which may assist us both during next year's attrition from Japan.

We don't see UK as a "cure", but more of a "band aid".


We went there to establish a good Door to Door Logistics package, and we have succeeded.


We saw an existing buy system for NZ dealers which relied on local "traders" stalking auctions to offer cars to NZ buyers, generally with £2000 - £3000 mark up and fees added. We also saw that the UK auctions are no different from anywhere else, and vehicles presented were potentially at the lower end of market range, and presented potential risk and hazard. They don't go to auction because they are the nicest cars in the fleet!

Almost all new vehicles are sold on lease, for up to 6 years with first or second tier contracts. But when lease companies have no interest in the vehicles, or vehicles in poor repair, they are sold through auction.

We saw potential in getting access to vehicles at the source, and spent an awful lot of time and trouble, even getting to meet these companies, let alone be listened to, but we have finally broken the barrier.

These companies have strict policies of not dealing direct with a car buyer. Their company articles forbid this. The only reason we were accepted was that we proposed a very professional system to them where we acted on behalf of buyer and seller, but had no financial interest in the vehicles themselves. We wanted logistics only. We now have access to vehicles at places where no other company has previously had, and we wish to present this to you.

We will be offered good quality data and photos from these companies, to load into a single website for you to view. You will be able to purchase directly from them with a "buy now"system, with no fees or "back-handers" taken.

All we demand is to handle the whole process, and gain the logistics.....that's what we do.


Basically, we have opened a doorway for you to look inside, should you choose. One where we must act as "minder". Up to you if you like what you see. We are not forcing anyone to enter. Good luck to you if you do....good luck to you if you don't.

If you like a vehicle, then buy it with the knowledge that this will be sold to you with absolutely no intermediary "Clip" of the ticket. AUTOHUB must act as the conduit for purchase and payments, purely because the vendors demand this. But make no mistake....AUTOHUB certainly have NO intention of owning any vehicles, or competing with you by purchasing vehicles for resale. Enough logistics companies have this situation covered already.

As I said, we have not quite completed our project, and are hesitant to promise anything we cannot deliver. But I am confident that we will have something for you in a couple of weeks.

I hope we can bring you something to assist, as I am sure we face hardship in the months ahead.

The UK export process is complicated, especially if we want to benefit from Zero VAT, but I am happy to discuss this with you personally.

OR...wait a little while, as we intend to bring you a nationwide "road show"where we will travel the country and display a dozen or so UK vehicles, presented in their purchased condition, with transparent costing. You will be invited to attend and see the whole thing for yourself, and discuss the market in a relaxed environment.

For further information, either email me, or contact Danny at or 0274 443 433.

John Davies

16 September 2011


You are all well aware that it is time to look at shipping schedules to get cars to New Zealand AND COMPLIED before 31st Dec. There will be no leniency given this time by Authorities

Please open the link to a spreadsheet of vessels leaving Japan, with departure, and arrival dates for you to study.

Download XLS Spreadsheet (no longer available)

It appears to me that the last safe vessel to arrive is the TRANFUTURE 6 V50 ...arriving NZ between the 1st and 5th December.

If you want to gamble on the next vessel, a Mearsk Container vessel, the arrival dates are Dec 3rd to 17th.

Be aware that we will need vehicles and documents from your agents in Japan 7 days before departure dates, to ensure bookings are accepted, so check departure carefully to work out when you need to have vehicles and docs with us.

If you need any extra advice, get in touch well before.

BE PREPARED....and instruct your agents on due dates.

This is in your hands now.

John Davies

October 2010



  1. Toyofuji has continued to support locals, by making the extra effort to use Lyttleton for discharge of vehicles. Our thanks go to them for staying loyal, without wavering. Some other shipping companies have taken a more economic stance, and were planning on dumping Christchurch cars into Wellington or Nelson.

  2. We note that MOL has decided to change their minds, and make a run down to Lyttleton next vessel, and we wish to thank them also for this.
    If we are faced with vehicles being consigned to Lyttleton, but unloaded in other ports, rest assured that we will contact those affected, we will get cars to you as soon as possible, and we will absorb the losses associated with re-location.

  3. Our thanks also go to all Lyttleton Port staff, and Tow companies that have pulled out all the stops to make sure vehicle deliveries continue without delays.

  4. Rewards Points Donations:- As you know, we have requested that all NZ Customers donate some / all of their AUTOHUB Rewards Points to us, and we will match their donations Dollar for Dollar.

  5. Proceeds will be given to Red Cross Christchurch.
    I want to thank those dealers who have accepted this request, and urge those who have not, to consider joining in the support.
    As soon as we feel it is appropriate, I will come to Chch, to pass the funds over, and hopefully meet with as many of you as possible.
  6. In the meantime, If any Christchurch customer has any suggestions as to how best we can assist over the coming period, please have a chat with Paul at the Chch Office. 03-379 6535, or Mob: 021-928 644. I cannot begin to comprehend the level of difficulty you are experiencing at present, but hope we can assist in some way.


As you are aware, with the unrest in the world, Fuel prices are soaring. They appear to be continuing upward, maybe for some time.

I am sure that all shipping companies are reviewing fuel costs, and will all announce a BAF (Bunker Adjusted Fuel Surcharge) increase soon.

We will keep you informed, and if my guess is right and fuel surcharges arrive, we will add the increase to your invoices as a separate item, which hopefully will be reversed as soon as possible.

I am equally sure that Tow companies in N Z will be looking closely at fuel costs as well. We have had several increases in local tow charges over the last 6 months but have managed to absorb them so far.


Most people think that all vehicles coming from Japan are fully processed in Japan by AUTOHUB. But this is not correct.

Japanese Agents are not forced to use AUTOHUB Export services, or facilities, and so may be using their own port storage, Customs broker, De-Reg facility etc, and only use AUTOHUB Japan for Vessel booking. In these cases, we cannot get access to take photos for Track and Trace, and we do not cover their insurance. Recently we have turned down several claims for theft, damage where vehicles remained in your agents control, and not with us.

If they were handled by us, then we would have gate in surveys, photos of the vehicles, etc, and payments for claims would have been immediately dealt with by us.

If you have concerns over any particular Agent, or situation, then contact me and we can check on your circumstances, and inform you of exactly what cover you have.

It may be too late to know this after some incident happens.

AUTOHUB CHALLENGE . (Rewards Prize up for Grabs)

Sometimes, we face some difficulties in understanding what is "lurking" inside your cars, as inclusions, when we make NZ Customs Entries. We would hate to be wrong, and risk Customs Detentions.

Usually we put our heads together and figure out what the strange items are, contained in the Japanese Invoices……BUT…this has us beat.

Today we had a vehicle arriving, and inside at time of purchase is "1 unit WOOHAA"

If anyone has ever purchased, and placed a "WOOHAA" in a car, or knows what on earth a "Woohaa" is …..Then it is your lucky day !!

We have just discovered what this is, and challenge you to tell us what you think it is.
(No…it is NOT a used condom)

First correct answer sent to will receive a bonus of 50 AUTOHUB Rewards Points!
A bit of humour in dark times.

That's all for now, but plenty of issues affecting you on the horizon.

September 2010


I have just returned from Japan, and I am trying comprehend the scope of the disaster facing Christchurch, and sitting in my normal surroundings, cannot begin to understand your feelings right now.

Paul Carruthers, is still able to operate from our Waltham Rd Office, and on a personal level I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to him, for his continual efforts to support locals, and his constant updates to me.

Paul is offering his services to you, in any practical way he can.

Be it helping to dig out yards, help move cars, help clean up, fetch and carry,….whatever.

Please call him on 021 928 644 if you need anything.

As a company, AUTOHUB will do anything ( and I mean "anything") we can to help. If you face any difficulty that we might assist with, please contact either myself, or Paul.

Our office has power at present, so even if you just need a computer, a desk, even someone to talk to, or moral support, please feel free to make contact.



If you would consider donating AUTOHUB Rewards Points for this cause, then AUTOHUB will match your donation, dollar for dollar.
Our intention is to donate as much as possible to the Red Cross, so please get behind this if you can.
Contact Tony on or 021-928 924 if you decide to assist.


Toyofuji - For not just abandoning Lyttleton port. They pulled out all the stops to get the vessell into Port.
Lyttleton Port Staff - For rallying around and handling the vehicles quickly and efficiently during a terrible time.

September 2010


The team at AUTOHUB are deeply saddened by the devasting earthquake in Christchurch and our thoughts are with everyone at this time.

In an effort to assist all of our Customers during this period, we advise that any vehicles presently destined for Lyttleton will be stored at no additional cost to our Customers, until such time as delivery can be made. Should vehicles have to be delivered to a Port other than Lyttleton , we will ensure that these vehicles are eventually delivered to you without any further Transport costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or our South Island Rep Paul Carruthers 021 928 644 at the AUTOHUB Christchurch Office should you need any help or assistance. The office is also available to our Christchurch Dealers should they need to take advantage of our Internet,Telephone and Fax services that are currently operational.

On a personal note Paul has extended his services to anyone who may need assistance in any matter, be it assisting in cleaning your showroom or picking up water.The damage to AUTOHUB Office has been minimal compared to many, so he is more than happy to help anybody who needs assistance . Please give him a call and he will liase with you.

Best Regards from all at AUTOHUB

November 2010



Bookings are now being taken in Japan for vessels arriving Mid December. If you need vehicles landed before Xmas, then you need to get them booked immediately.
AUTOHUB has secured space on "one off" vessels during December.
If you have any specific urgent requirements, please contact us without delay, and we will see what we can do.


During the Xmas break, ships keep coming, cars get Unloaded, AUTOHUB keeps open, and we will be delivering vehicles right through without fail.
If you (or your place of delivery) cannot accept vehicle deliveries, then PLEASE CALL US.
We keep working as per normal, and we have to work doubly hard to ensure our services are maintained, so please make sure we don’t waste time clearing the ports and delivering cars if access is denied. Should this happen, we will charge extra to double handle.


We can now offer Direct Roro vessel calls to Tauranga from Japan.
Vessel is once a month, and circuit is Osaka – Yokohama – Auckland – Tauranga – Osaka.
Now Tauranga customers can enjoy direct calls should they want to, at our standard Auckland prices.


Our Rewards Points Travel Agent, has sent this notice to us.
Air New Zealand has just released a short life economy class fare to Osaka and Tokyo.
Fare: NOW $1865.00 return
Travel Period: Valid for departures between 19 January – 31 March 2011
Max Stay: Return travel must commence between 2 February – 25 April 2011
Sale Ends: Tuesday 30th November 2010

Only a limited amount of seats are allocated to each flight, so don't delay...BOOK NOW
First 4 bookings receive a bottle of New Zealand Wine, compliments of United Travel New Lynn
Kind Regards
Tina Ripley
Travel Co-ordinator
P +64 9 827 4917 F +64 9 827 3261 E:


It’s coming up to Xmas…..time to check on your Rewards Points balances, and maybe do some shopping courtesy of AUTOHUB.
Please go to our website and check out our range of gift suppliers, then notify us what you desire.
We will contact the supplier, and organise the items for you. DO NOT TRY TO NEGOTIATE WITH INDIVIDUAL SHOPKEEPERS.


Everyone who has replied to our emails, and can attend our parties, should have received details of the venue in the post by now. If yours hasn’t arrived, please contact us immediately.
Those who have not replied at all, there is still time to register….call us if you wish to come.
Those who cannot attend, or have no wish to attend: we are sorry that we cannot catch up personally, but wish to express our warm appreciation for your past business, and hope you have a great time during Xmas Festivities.

13 September 2010


I assume you are,…… but we are getting increasing enquiry from private people to ship for them.

We have a policy of offering Trade discount to genuine Traders, and a "non trade" price for individuals, and consequently we appear to lose a fair bit of trade to other so called "dealer supportive" shipping companies. Private people continually tell us that these shipping companies are way below our price, and we lose the business…….So be it.

We will ship for private importers, but we are not prepared to offer them the same price as a RMVT, and we will continue to look after regular traders as best we can.

Here's a challenge - Try phoning us as a "private punter" sometime, and request a price…….

13 September 2010


Don't forget that GST on imports will rise as of Oct 1st. You will soon see an increase on our invoices.

Because Customs Clearances are completed about 10 days before ETA, and invoices sent to you about 8 days before, any cars arriving in the first few days of October will have GST charged on local items (Clearance and Tow) at 12.5% (invoice basis), but Customs GST will be at 15%, as the vehicle gets into NZ waters in October.

Try working that one out with your GST return!!

Also: those of you with NZ Customs GST DEFERRED accounts will need to allow for the extra 2.5% GST being placed into them.

We have no access to your account balances, or limits, and will process your Customs Clearances assuming that your account has sufficient credit available. So if you go over your limit….. , your customs entry will be cancelled by NZ Customs, and we will be required to do the whole process again, so will charge you for a second Customs Entry, which will delay your vehicle’s release from the port. Please ensure that you maintain your account within its limits.

13 September 2010

LATE PAYMENTS (Increase Charges)

To those customers who leave payment to the very last moment, be aware that it causes us considerable headaches, and we have been forced to increase our charges, to match our costs. Some cases are genuine, but some dealers make it their lifelong mission to wait to the very last moment to part with their funds.

To clear your cars from the ports, we are giving transport lists to tow companies 3 days before ETA, so that they can plan the removal as efficiently as possible. They work their butts off clearing cars in the 3 days available, particularly in busy cities such as Auckland and Christchurch, where traffic congestion causes huge problems. The longer you delay, the lower you go in the order of delivery. If you haven’t paid by ETA date, then you face vehicles going into storage, where you will get extra charges.

FROM OCT 1ST…..These charges will be: (Per Vehicle)

  • One off Late Handling Charge - $50
  • Storage/Security/Use of money/Insurance Charge - $10 per day
  • Extra Tow - $45 local
  • Payment of Charges required before delivery.

If you disagree with these charges, then please notify us in writing. We can, if requested, leave your vehicles on the Port until payment is made.

Our thanks go to those customers who provide timely payments….it certainly helps.

13 September 2010


Changes to data available from the Motor Vehicle Register are due to take effect from Nov 1st, 2010. I believe that this is the basic gist:

  • You will NOT get past owner history for all private owners.
  • You will get past history for Company Owners.
  • You can "opt out" and have your information hidden by going here.
  • If an owner has opted out, you will need to enter details you believe are correct, and receive a "yes-no" confirmation. ou are a regular user of the Register, I suggest you keep checking the website to confirm the new policy.

13 September 2010


That time is here again!!

Crikey….where does the year go? We are planning our annual round of Xmas parties, filled with Frivolity, Prizes, and salubrious bonding. Those who have attended before will know how good these are……those who do not come certainly miss out on the one chance we have to meet and show our gratitude personally.

Dates are:

  • Napier - Mon Nov 22nd
  • Palm-Nth - Tues Nov 23rd
  • Christchurch - Weds Nov 24th
  • Dunedin - Thurs Nov 25th
  • Auckland - Friday Nov 26th

Mark those dates….invites will be coming via email soon, but contact us for any info you want.

13 September 2010


Finally, …To all of our customers who are affected by the continuing series of Earthquakes, we wish to offer you our thoughts and assistance wherever possible.

On a Company Level, AUTOHUB has donated a considerable amount to Red Cross.

On a more personal level, should your company be affected adversely, then contact us if we can help in any way. Paul Carruthers (our South Island representative) is remaining in Christchurch for the time being, and is available to chat.

May 2010



To be able to shift cars from Ports efficiently, we need to be able to take them somewhere, as soon as they are free to go. Usually this is your compliance centre.

The situation (particularly in Auckland and Lyttleton) is that the Port is so congested, and traffic is so slow, that the majority of cars need to be shifted from the port, outside of normal business hours to achieve removal within the free time. An 8 car transporter, may only be able to deliver 3 trips on a Friday in Auckland (24 cars ) as "Rush Hour" is now pretty much an all day event.

The trouble we face, is that a large number of Compliance Centres now only work 5 days, 8am to 5pm, and lock the doors. Very few have after-hours access to their storage.

As we are faced with transporters working throughout the night, and weekends, just to clear the Ports within the 3 days of free parking, we really need to be able to deliver to your indicated address outside of business times.

If we don’t get your help on this, I can guarantee Demurrage Charges of $57 per day from the Port, or double handling, and storage if we use the Transporters yards to park cars. This applies to you whether you use AUTOHUB or not.

To help us: Please ask you Compliance Centre for assistance with after-hours access, and ask them to contact us if this can be made available.

Or… if we deliver direct to you, then some form of after-hours access would certainly give you faster delivery, and ensure our price is maintained.

I cannot indicate strongly enough, that we need your understanding and help with this issue.

All Transport Companies have advised us that those who pay early, and have good access to after-hours parking will get priority clearing. Others will just go into a queue.

May 2010


AUTOHUB attended the launch of "Autotalk", the latest Free Online and Hard Copy magazine for Car Dealers. We were impressed by the professionalism, and relevant content of the magazine. Autotalk has requested that we supply them a list of email addresses of our customers, in order to send them the latest issues by email.

Posted monthly Hard Copies are Free, and all are a good read.

We take our data security very seriously, but saw only benefits to you to be included in their mailing list, so we are happy to suggest that you email them for inclusion (if you are not yet a member).


May 2010


AUTOHUB recently became aware that a certain Stevedore Company at Auckland Port, took it on itself to use a forklift to move approx. 37 vehicles just a few metres by forklift. We investigated, obtained video evidence, and found that the Stevedors acted negligently, without due care, and totally inappropriately. We find no excuse whatsoever to use forklifts on ports for fully mobile vehicles, and consequently we are seeking damages from the company in question.

We have the full support of Ports of Auckland and Shipping Companies.

Only some of the vehicles concerned were shipped by AUTOHUB, and about 30 units were shipped by other logistics suppliers. We have no knowledge of compensation being sought by those other providers.

All of AUTOHUB customers affected have been notified, and claims for damage are being actioned.

May 2010

LTA Implements "Flagging" changes At Long Last.

Note: This bulletin comes courtesy of the IMVIA, who work quietly, and tirelessly to improve Importers lives.

NZTA has advised changes to the "Damage-Flag" policy. The changes were implemented on 3 May 2010.

The changes include:

  • Clarifying the procedure for Repair Certifiers to recommend the removal of Damage-Flags.
  • Establishing practical criteria for minor rust damage cleaning & treating.
  • Permitting certain "single-panel" structural repairs to have the flag removed.

AUTOHUB believe that MAF officers conducting the "Border Check" are now instructed to "Flag" vehicles only when they are sure of rust or damage is structural. In cases where they only suspect a problem, they should not flag, but leave it to the Compliance Process in NZ to decide.

Most Importers should notice a definite change for the good as from now.

December 14th, 2009


Those who have been to will notice things have changed.

Firstly, customers who wish to go into "MY AUTOHUB" for Tack and Trace now need to use your email address as Login ID, and then your Old Password (which is still current).

If you click on "Forgotten Password", you will be issued a new (complicated) password to use, but still need to enter your email address as ID. Then, once into your secure area, you can change your password to an easily remembered one.

The new site is a "work in progress" and we are continuing to upgrade services provided.

Contact us if you want some help.

December 14th, 2009


The Maersk Duffield (ETA Auckland Dec 14th) has had an engine room explosion, and subsequent Fire. All Cargo is being discharged into Brisbane Port.

We have contacted all importers by telephone and informed them of the situation. A replacement vessel is being sought, and we will update affected dealers as soon as we hear, but at least one weeks delay is to be expected.

December 14th, 2009


The silly season is upon us, and all ports are getting "Chokka Block".

Our job of clearing cars off, quickly and efficiently, is definitely put to the test. Cars get blocked in, lost, keys go missing, and anything that can go wrong, does.

If you give any thoughts to leaving our payments to the last possible minute, then please expect to be placed well down the delivery queue.

This time of year, with traffic at a standstill, and tow companies pulling their hair out, it's "first in best dressed".

Please, don't make our job harder by delaying your payments. If you foresee cash flow difficulties, or you might be away on holidays, then PLEASE contact us ahead of time, so we can handle things as best as possible.

Don't can always use your Credit Card for payment, which can be done "on-line" through My AUTOHUB.

December 14th, 2009


Once again, I can only warn those customers who purchase faulty cars from Shipping Agents, that you face extra charges. Port Handlers in Japan are on extreme time frames for loading, and they just don't muck around with cars that are damaged / non running.

They make the call whether to tow, or fork-lift, and we have no say in the matter. Should they use these methods, then you will be charged. The extra fees are between $450 - $850.

Do not try to make this our fault....If we have to pay....then you have to pay. Any issues with that, please take the matter up with your agent.

December 14th, 2009


AUTOHUB will remain open throughout the holiday period, apart from Stat days. For us, it's business as usual, and ships continue to arrive.

But, you can expect some delays with ports, tow companies, Compliance Yards etc generally working with less staff than usual. Your understanding will be appreciated.

December 14th, 2009


We are delighted to inform North Island Customers that we have engaged Blair Howard to spread the word for us. Life was getting too hard for Paul to handle the whole country on his own, as our customer base is getting up around to 1100 dealers.

Paul will continue to visit customers, but mainly in the South Island, and Blair will take on the North Island.

Their main goal is to visit as many AUTOHUB Customers as possible, and ensure that we maintain your best interests, with as best service as possible. They will be our conduit to you. We are trying hard to remain as "personal" as possible.

Any feedback would be welcome.

December 14th, 2009


The AUTOHUB Annual Knees-up, held around NZ went off extremely well. All who attended had a great time, and we were pleased to catch up with so many customers, and wish them well.

Prizes of TV's, Stereo Systems, and Digital Cameras were given, and we wish the winners all the very best, and hope they enjoy their gifts.

Miss "Lucky". Miyako San from Maiax Corp in Christchurch, won first prize for the second year in a row. Congratulations.

December 14th, 2009


This year certainly set some fairly hard tasks, but maybe we come through better prepared for 2010. I certainly hope so.

We, at AUTOHUB, certainly wish you the very best for Xmas, New Year, and the rest of 2010.

Best Regards
John, Andrea, Tony, Robin, Barbara, Lisa Judy, Paul, and Blair

021-928 924 / (09) 411-7425

October 22nd, 2009


Once was looking like space was becoming an issue for cars to arrive before Xmas. New car sales have risen, and Manufacturers are booking heavily over the next few weeks, in order to supply demand into the new year. Roro bookings of used cars (Japan-NZ ) are already being turned down, and Containers are still getting "parked" up in Malaysia / Singapore. Due to longer transit times these days (23-28 days), this could be a concern if you want cars befrore Xmas (especially with new diesel restrictions starting Jan 1st).


Many dealers are preparing early, and we already have 1400 cars booked for November departure. The last thing we want is "no space" so we have been petitioning strongly for another vessel, and we have just received success.


We have obtained use of a decent sized vessel departing Japan end of 2nd week November, arriving 1st-2nd week of December.

This is a One Off.

Call for info. Even if you don't regularly ship with us, we welcome your enquiry.

Aug 28th, 2009


The Minister of Transport has replied to submissions made by various parties, to defer or change the next stages of Emission Standards for Imported cars. These are to be in 2010 for diesels, and 2012 for Gasoline. Basically, the Minister has refused to consider any alteration whatsoever. This is a disappointment to all, I am sure. Maybe time for ALL of you to make your feelings known to your local MP.

Statement From the Ministers Office Reads:

28 August 2009 Media Statement


Transport Minister Steven Joyce today announced that after careful consideration, the government has decided the requirements for used diesel vehicles to meet minimum emissions standards set out in the 2007 Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Rule (Emissions Rule) will not be delayed. From January 2010, used diesel vehicles will need to meet a standard known as Japan 05 for harmful exhaust emissions. Used vehicle importers had called for the implementation of this standard to be delayed to improve flagging sales. "Emissions standards are important for ensuring we are in step with the rest of the world in reducing harmful exhaust emissions," says Mr Joyce.

"The government has received correspondence both for and against this issue, with new vehicle importers and vehicle user representatives favouring the current timetable," says Mr Joyce. "On balance, and to provide certainty to the industry as a whole, we have decided not to delay the existing timetable. This will retain the current balance of responsibility for harmful emissions between new and used vehicle importers. "I have considerable sympathy for the motor vehicle industry as a whole at this time. That is one reason why the government will not be advancing the previously proposed vehicle fuel economy standard."

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