New Zealand Statement of Compliance Application

This process can be used to apply for vehicles with 17 digit VIN (chassis) numbers.

To apply for a full NZ Statement of Compliance (SoC)

  1. Complete the form below and upload your attachments in the appropriate upload field on the form.
  2. Attach a copy of registration document from country of origin
  3. Attach picture of vehicle VIN plate.
  • Accompanying all requests must be a copy of the Registration Document or the De-Registration document.
  • A clear photograph of the VIN plate attached to the car
  • A photo of the windscreen VIN (if possible)
  • Each document will need to be scanned separately and attached in application form below

Generally the Statements of Compliance will be applied for within 12hrs of receipt and standards are proven will be available for delivery within another 12hrs (after receipt of payment). 

Statements of Compliance will need to be invoiced and paid for before delivery. 

A New Zealand Statement of Compliance is produced for vehicles with a 17 digit VIN number first registered abroad, requiring the standards proven where the standards have not been identified on the vehicle by a full European standards plate or sticker.

These are applied for on a case by case basis, no guarantees can be made prior to the statement being applied for.

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