Door to Door Worldwide Vehicle Shipping

AUTOHUB believe in a policy of “make it simple” with a true service you can depend on, using a team of experienced staff in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Our staff has a very long history in the Motor Industry, many being previously Motor Vehicle dealers, so we understand your requirements, and bring this experience into the world of Shipping.

Shipping a vehicle?

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AUTOHUB is possibly the only company to take care of your imported vehicle in both export, and import countries. We offer several shipments monthly from Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK, making our service one of the most comprehensive and efficient available.

We offer both the seller and the buyer total security, and act equally for both to ensure a smooth secure business transaction. Even payments can be channeled through us to safeguard the deal, offering buyer and seller complete security.

We pioneered the AUTOHUB “D2D” one stop, fixed price, guaranteed vehicle delivery system to Australia and New Zealand. By operating as a totally impartial “co-operative” of both sellers and buyers, and combining many individuals under one name, we were able to negotiate excellent services and prices, by offering volume business to our suppliers.

These discounts and services (from all aspects of the many items required for exportation, and importation) were passed directly to our customers.

This offered even the smallest of trader, the ability to gain access to group benefits.

By taking care of all the many issues involved in shipping vehicles from “A” to “B”, for one discounted, guaranteed fixed price, our customers have total peace of mind as far as costs are concerned, and are free to concentrate on core business whilst we remove all of the concerns and hassles associated with this trade.

We offer fairness and openness to our customers, with no “secret” deals. Our customers understand that they all get an even playing field with AUTOHUB.

We always prefer to support regular Motor Trade customers, and for Registered Traders, we offer them a range of extra benefits, such as special Foreign Currency rates, Online Services and Finance Services.

If you are serious about your future, you should talk to us, then relax and let us do what we specialise in, whilst you concentrate on your core business.



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