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Exporting from Australia to New Zealand

Check that you vehicle meets NZ vehicle compliance frontal impact and vehicle emissions requirements:

You will be required to pay 15% customs GST on the total value of the vehicle calculated by adding the correct declared value of the vehicle to the total cost of international freight (CIF) and multiplying this by 15% = (customs GST).However depending on how long you have owned the car for, this amount can be depreciated in your favor. Depreciation ranges from 13% – 75%. For example a $20,000 car which you have owned for 9 months can be depreciated by 35%, making the “Value for Customs” only $13,000. This considerably lowers the GST you would have to pay.

Period of Ownership and Use Overseas:

  • Less than 90 days – 0%
  • 3 months or more, but less than 4 months – 13%
  • 4 months or more, but less than 6 months – 20%
  • 6 months or more, but less than 9 months – 27.5%
  • 9 months or more, but less than 1 year – 35%
  • 1 year or more, but less than 2 years – 50%
  • 2 years or more, but less than 3 years – 60%
  • 3 years or more, but less than 4 years – 70%
  • 4 years or more – 75%

For more info please go to:

Criteria For GST Exemption on Imported Cars

Please go to:

Open: Concessionary entry for motor vehicles

You will also need to apply for a customs client code. Please fill in the required form and return to Autohub NZ Ltd:


For the Trade:

At AUTOHUB, we specialize in taking care of the Traders, who use us regularly. Currently over 1100 Importers choose AUTOHUB

We Require: Genuine RMVT Number

We offer:

  • A Total Logistics Package from Selling Agent to your Compliance Centre
  • Up to 8 vessels monthly Japan – Major NZ Ports
  • Full Insurance whilst in our care for Japan to NZ* (Completed Claims processed within 7 days)
  • Volume Rebated Discounts
  • Rewards Points for every car shipped
  • Email notice of ETA the day booked by your agent
  • Email alert if change of ETA
  • Online Track and Trace
  • Online Invoice History
  • Credit Card Payments (by secure online and by phone)
  • Competitive Foreign Exchange
  • Guaranteed Fixed Price (for mobile passenger cars under 20cu.m)

Note: Extra charges are incurred for vehicles over 20cu.m, non running / non drivable cars.

Email or call to discuss your requirements, or “Request a Quote” online.

AUTOHUB Rewards Program


AUTOHUB will issue Rewards Points for each vehicle imported. Rewards are in addition to Rebates. While Rebates are credited to the company you represent, Rewards Points are personal to the individual buyer.

Accumulated Rewards Points may be redeemed for a number of “Rewards” as shown in the Reward Gift List on this website.

NOTE: Rewards is available to Registered Motor Vehicle Traders Only

Learn more here

AUTOHUB Volume Rebates

AUTOHUB recognizes Registered Motor Vehicle Traders who ship larger volumes, by offering an open and defined system of lowering our charges. We do this by issuing a Rebate the following month, depending on the volumes invoiced for the month.

Learn more here