Vehicles Imported by Autohub

There’s nothing better than hearing directly from our customers. Read on to see how we’ve helped.

During a recent overseas trip to the UK, my wife and I were lucky enough to purchases a vintage Rolls Royce car.

I had been advised by a friend that the Company “Autohub” was the one to choose to arrange shipping of the car back to our home in Nelson New Zealand.  

From the start of my dealings with the staff at Autohub I found them to be friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful at all times. The very fair price I was quoted by Autohub for shipping had no hidden additions and covered all expenses to ship the car, including insurance and handling, from Felixstowe in the UK to Port Nelson NZ and on to the VTNZ compliance centre.

The experience of owning this car has been enhanced by the assistance of the company Autohub, as they make sure every step of the way was stress free and enjoyable. 

All together Rolls Royce treatment from start to finish. 

Many thanks to all at Autohub.

Yours Sincerely, 

Roger L.

Value Cars Warehouse can highly recommend AUTOHUB as your one and only shipping company.

The staff are very friendly and eager to help…..always going the extra mile, if there was a problem to be solved they would find a way around it. The rebates system is excellent and with the bonus of rewards points their rates are unbeatable, with no hidden costs or surprises.

They make importing vehicles a breeze…..we’ve forgotten how much is involved as everything is done for you with the door-to-door service. You buy the vehicle and it arrives at you doorstep with no overpriced MAF cleaning charges, and with insurance included, you really can’t go wrong.

With the level of service we receive, we wouldn’t consider any other company.

Keep up the good work John and the team!

Martin Harcourt & Peter Cullen

Value Cars Warehouse

Thank you for your excellent customer service care, you made it all sound easy and effectively answered my queries. My contacts are as per below and I will be looking forward to hearing more from you closer to the ETA of the vehicle. 

Kind Regards, 

Clement N.

Thanks for your great customer service, we don’t get this kind of first response anywhere else.

Thank you so much. 

Kyoko A.

We use Autohub for our vehicle logistics both from Japan and the United Kingdom. It’s a one stop shop and saves us as a small business a lot of time not having to deal with multiple suppliers. 

Brian Wright

Smithburn Motors

Awesome to work with!

The service Autohub team provides is always professional and impressive. Very easy to communicate with, fast reaction and always friendly. They try to respond to my multiple requests and it is major help for my business.

Thank you for Autohub team.


Miyako(Mia) Murahigashi

We have always enjoyed a good working relationship with Autohub over the years.

They have teams that are always attentive and quick to solve any queries or questions I may have.

The Volume Reward point system is excellent and the website management system is also excellent. It saves us a lot of time tracking stock via the Autohub Website. I have always been very happy with the service that Autohub provide, they run a slick operation and are always just a phone call or an email away.

Their quick response and assistance is always appreciated.

Thank you to the Autohub team.



B & Z Trades

I got my Macbook this afternoon and just wanted to say thank you for your help in organizing the reward via my Autohub Rewards points.

As far as I can remember, you have always been easy to deal with and very helpful. The coffee machine that you recommended several years back is still working well.


As a leading company in the motor vehicle industry, it is vital that our suppliers have equally high standards to our own to ensure a supply chain that is as seamless as possible.

From the time Autohub were established, they have played an important part of that equation for us.

Always professional and available, experienced staff have dealt with any issues quickly and with a result that reiterates how importantly Autohub value us as a customer, helping to ensure our clients are getting the best buyding and ownership experience from us in a competitive environment.

Kind Regards, 

Jason Wood

Paul Kelly Motor Company

To the Management Team,

I am writing to you today to formally recognise the exceptional customer service I received from Helen Lastro at Autohub, who assisted me with my two most recent vehicle imports from Japan to Australia (of which were both one month apart).

Having now imported 6 cars over the past 3 years, I can now say I have a good understanding of what’s required each step of the way, and the parties involved from start to finish to ensure the process completes successfully.

One thing I have learnt as a ‘customer’ throughout my time importing cars from Japan is that typically the process is not transparent, parties involved in the process aren’t brought to the customer’s attention (unless required) and at times there can be little, or no communication for certain periods of time during the process.

However, when Helen was first in contact (on behalf of another staff member who was away) regarding my Toyota JZX110 Mark II arriving from Japan to Melbourne she was very informative and enthusiastic about the process.

What I didn’t realise when purchasing my two vehicles was: They were both lowered (and required specialised car carrying companies to transport the vehicles interstate from Melbourne to Adelaide). One of the vehicles was sold to me with numerous spare / aftermarket parts as part of the sale and left inside the vehicle (with a value of approx $1500 – $2000).

Having previously had a poor experience with a vehicle coming from Japan that had parts stolen from it whilst at the wharf in Melbourne – I explained my concern to Helen. Without any hesitation, Helen organised for the customs vehicle inspector to take photographs of all the spare parts within the vehicle, to provide evidence that they were safe and even went as far as to ensure that the interstate transport company also took photos of the parts before and after transporting my car (to confirm nothing was missing).

Even with delays incurred from one interstate transport company letting us down and failing to pickup one of my vehicles on the scheduled day, Helen persisted and contacted numerous other companies to ensure they could pick up my vehicle to avoid further unnecessary delays.

Between multiple phone calls and emails back and forth over a period of weeks, nothing was ever “too much effort” for Helen and she was always happy to help.

I have worked in customer service and sales for the past 14 years (including managing my own store for 3) and I can confidently say that this type of positive attitude and ‘above and beyond’ behavior is rare in today’s ‘customer service industry’ and I would personally like to thank Helen for the excellent service she has provided me.

If there is only one thing that you take out of this email – it is that we need *more* Helen’s in our customer service industry!

Please make sure this positive feedback is passed up within the chain of command, as I know all too often it is only the ‘negative’ feedback that makes it too the top.

Kind Regards, 

George Vlahakis

Hey Brett,

Thanks very much for getting everything sorted.

The service from Autohub both in Japan and from yourself has been great.

I’ve done this a few times now and this has been the easiest, and cheapest, by far.

I will certainly recommend you guys to people looking to import cars from Japan. I imagine with the change of rules next year business will increase so good luck and thanks again.

Cheers mate, 

Adrian Douglas