Seasons Greetings!

Firstly, the Team and I would like to thank everyone for their custom and support over 2023. It has been a very difficult year for the entire industry with not one part of the supply chain (including your customers) behaving “normally”.

As you, the importer/dealer, have had to fight to find a way to perform and earn a living from used imported vehicles, we have had to deal with space issues in Japan, irregular shipping services, delays in Australian Ports causing delays/disruptions for us in NZ, price increases from every quarter…

Our previous Govt decided it could miss out on the action, and added to the foray the Clean Car Program via CCS and CCD. I think we were all just starting to understand how it worked and now half of it (CCD) has now been binned. Personally, I have to wonder what was achieved apart from upsetting the fine balance of our industry….

That said, we must leave this all behind us now.

2024 brings us a fresh battle, and with that comes opportunity. We have a new political power, a different view of what works/doesn’t work, so I urge you all to seek the breaks and opportunities as there will be some.

We wish you all Happy Holidays, and hope you all get to have some quality time with friends, family and loved ones. Be safe on the roads, and we look forward to being of service to you in 2024..

All the Best from the Team and I,

Frank Willett

Managing Director

Autohub NZ Ltd