Dear Valued Customers,

We’re pleased to confirm that deliveries are now able to commence. It is important to note that at this stage, it is not “business as usual” and there are some changes to be aware of in response to COVID-19 that will be implemented by our transporters.

You may also wish to contact your compliance centre to ensure they are aware deliveries will be proceeding and they need to prepare how to receive vehicles during this COVID-19 period.

The following points have been developed using the Ministry of Health guidance to ensure every precaution is taken for your health and safety, as well as that of our delivery staff. All delivery staff have been briefed on the COVID-19 process and this is what can be expected during pick up and/or deliveries:


  1. Arriving Safely

There will only be one staff member in each truck, who will be wearing appropriate PPE in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines.


  1. Delivery – The Two-Metre Rule

Compliance Centres & Other Commercial Premises

You will receive a call prior to delivery. The driver will go to the reception area and alert you that there is a delivery of vehicle(s), keeping a safe two-metre distance at all times.

Residential Delivery

You will receive a call prior to delivery. The driver will knock on your front door and step back two metres to maintain a safe distance. The driver will also ask that you and anyone else in your household keep a safe two-metre distance from them.


  1. Pick Up or Delivery to Depots – The Two-Metre Rule (Auto Logistics/PTS Only)

Call and make an appointment with the depot. On arrival, call the phone number on the gate and follow instructions. Park or collect the vehicle in/from the designated area.

Please Note – You will not be able to enter any of the buildings or have face to face contact with any staff members on site.


  1. Completing deliveries at a safe distance

The delivery team will:

  • Unload the vehicles from the truck and move them to the specified parking spaces.
  • Ask you to inspect the vehicle(s).
  • The driver will clearly mark all details on the paperwork.
  • Write down (where possible) the receiver’s details to verify proof of delivery.

Please Note – No signature is required. Dockets will be left with the vehicles once complete.


If you need any further information, or have any concerns with the changes to delivery procedure, please contact for assistance.

Thanks and kind regards,

Autohub NZ