By now many of you will be focussing on what you need to do/organise for the coming 4 weeks (or longer) as we enter Level 4 “lock down” for COVID 19 within NZ.

As for the used vehicle import supply chain….

At this stage, the best information we have received to date suggests the following:-

For vehicle shipments arriving during the lock down period, vessels will still be received and discharged. Vehicle RORO tranships from Auckland will continue as per normal. Transporter companies are authorised to uplift vehicles from port (Ports are considered essential operations, therefore they must have cargos removed in order to keep operational). Also, vehicles arriving via container will be devanned.


As vehicle Compliance Centres, Dealers yards, Workshops, Panel beaters  that are not under contract to “essential services”, are classed as “non – essential” and therefore should be closed.

This means all vehicles transported off Ports during the lock down period will automatically go into storage.

At this stage, we have not raised who is paying for this “storage” – this will be a discussed with Transporter Companies/storage facilities in the coming weeks.

Autohub NZ has also recommended that Japanese Exporters slow or cease shipping bookings at this time, as continuing vehicle arrivals will put pressure on storage facilities and unnecessary financial burden on the supply chain. We suggest importers and exporters consider this and plan appropriately.

Used imported vehicles from Australia

We note that some clients have booked to ship vehicles from Australia with us as late as today. If you source vehicles from Australia, please note the above logistics issues as they apply to you also.

In order to help anyone caught by this latest COVID 19 situation, we advise that you consider having your recent purchases uplifted and stored by Autohub Australia prior to shipping.

Autohub Australia has on offer “half price storage” at this time to assist. Please contact Tony or Vincent for more details.



Autohub NZ

Autohub NZ is now operating fully offsite and of Offices in Auckland are close now.

If you need to contact us, please do so, preferably via email at and we will respond as soon as possible.

Team Autohub