Dear Valued Customers,

Our Prime Minister has delivered a COVID 19 update message this afternoon.

Effective immediately, we are at Level 3 with this going to Level 4 in 48 hours – Level 4 essentially is a ‘total lockdown’ with only essential services remaining in operation.
Govt anticipates this will be in effect for 4 weeks, and will reassess continually in relation to the COVID 19 spread.

What does this mean for vehicle importers?

From close of business tomorrow, Autohub NZ Auckland offices will be closed.

We are currently setting up ALL Auckland staff to work from home.
We anticipate there may be some minor problems, but are aiming to carry on providing the same quality services to you before the ‘total lockdown’ comes into play. In the meantime, please continue to call and email on our normal contact details.

We are awaiting a confirmation whether used vehicle importation will continue, as many logistics and customs clearance pathways may remain functioning during the entire COVID 19 period.

If our industry is classed as “non-essential” by the Govt, we expect Ports, stevedores, transporter companies and compliance centres will close down – effectively, we will cease all operations then also.


We have instructed Autohub Japan to retain ALL Japanese deregs that have not yet been sent until further notice. This reduces the risk of documents being lost as various parts of the courier network will be closed. We don’t anticipate any issues with this as compliance centres and inspection agents will not be operating during this time. For Deregs enroute, or currently in our possession, we will cease document courier services tomorrow.


Japan operations

We have just been in talks with Autohub Japan. It is likely that Japan pre-export services and shipping will cease soon. At this stage, our shipping lines are considering their options, but for now we have vessels still arriving after we go into Level 4 total lock down. We hope to get a clearer picture tomorrow as to how these shipments will be received and handled – more updates will be forthcoming when new information comes to hand.

Vehicles that continue to arrive during this time, will be transported off the wharf where possible. If vehicles do not have an Agents clearance, and/or D2D Customs GST payable, or cannot be delivered to their nominated address will be placed in storage.

We will do our best to keep storage costs to a minimum during this time.

Penrose Compliance Centre

Penrose compliance centre will close tomorrow at 4.30 until further notice. Our focus for tomorrow is to get as many cars completed/MR2A’d that are in progress. If you use PCC and wish to enquire about any of your vehicles in progress, please contact PCC directly.


In the meantime – please take care of yourselves and those around you. We look forward to getting through this together and returning to normal as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Autohub NZ