Re: BAF increase for Japan to NZ shipments.


We hope you are all coping with COVID lockdowns, wherever you are and regardless of what Level you are subject to. Hopefully, these restrictions won’t last much longer and we can return to business as usual. We may be restricted in NZ, but Globally, things continue to move on.


We have just received notice from our largest shipping line that there has been a bunker fuel price increase, and for the 4th quarter of this year, there will be a bunker fuel adjustment factor (BAF) increase put in place.


For the most common vehicles shipped (up to 20 cubic meters), the increase in BAF per vehicle is effectively NZD $20.00, making it NZD $55.00.


As this is a direct cost incurred by Autohub, we have no option but to pass this on to you, the importer.


This increase will apply to all vehicles shipped from Japan to NZ, and come into effect for any vehicles being shipped October 1st onwards.


For other vehicles that fall outside this size category, please contact our offices to confirm what BAF will be applicable to your vehicle.


For further information or inquiry, please contact us via or call 094117425.


We look forward to your continuing support.


Kind regards,

Team Autohub.