Re: CCD rebates paid to Dealer registered cars


Please be aware that there have been several complaints made to NZTA regarding Dealerships selling vehicles within 90 days of registering stock and claiming CCD rebates before the CCD ended. We now understand NZTA is reviewing what action they may take should they find such vehicles are being offered for sale/sold within the 90 day stand down period placed on such cars registered as “dealer use or demonstrators”…

Autohub has just received this notice below from VIA:

Here is some important information about the Clean Car Discount (CCD) Scheme and what we in the industry need to remember.

  • Recent media stories have talked about dealers selling EVs after registering that car to themselves to claim the CCD before it ended on 31 Dec 20023.
  • Several consumers have contacted NZTA, and the Agency has found around 300 cars listed for sale that have received the Clean Car Discount.
  • NZTA has spoken to 8 dealerships about these listings.

As your industry representative organisation, VIA wants to remind members of the following:

  •  Dealer Duties:
    • Although the Clean Car Discount ended on 31 December 2023, the scheme is being managed until the end of June.
    • This includes the need to hold onto electric cars for three months if you received the Clean Car Discount for the vehicle yourself.
    • If you’re a dealer, make sure to check your listings and mark any cars that need to be held onto.
    • The last three-month period ends on March 31st, so let’s make sure we’re all doing things right by then.

 Minister’s Message: The Minister of Transport, Hon Simeon Brown, has reminded the industry that, while his government removed the CCD, it is still important to follow the rules of the Clean Car Discount Scheme. He has asked NZTA to check CCD registrations and claims carefully and seek the return of any money owed.

We appreciate that NZTA seems to be taking a balanced approach to this issue. They recognise that mistakes can happen and they ask that dealers work with them to fix the issue. If you need help understanding what rules apply, just ask VIA.


If you have any queries, please contact VIA directly via or Autohub via


Team Autohub