Re: Clean Car Discount

Many of you will be aware of the rebates currently being offered by the Govt under the Clean Car Discount scheme. This is a “partial” scheme at present and will come into full effect January 1st 2022 (once new legislation is passed later this year), and will include the imposition of penalties payable at registration time for “not-so-clean” vehicles.

We have just received this notice from  the Vehicle Importers Association giving dealers the following advice. We suggest you consider this carefully and take the Appropriate action.

Should you need more detail, please contact VIA (IMVIA) directly:

Team Autohub.

VIA recommends that dealers prioritise their compliance needs to ensure that they have all their vehicles that may attract a penalty complied by December.

By doing this you can register un-sold stock of “Fee-attracting” vehicles prior to the implementation of the fee-at-registration regime scheduled for 1 January 2022.

Talk to your compliance shops now to have these vehicles scheduled for their compliance inspections asap.

You also need to talk to your suppliers and shippers as vehicles you are purchasing in Japan might not be able to be shipped in time to meet the implementation date of the feebate regime.

For any questions, please contact VIA on 0800 VIA VIA (842 842) or email