Re: Clean Car Standard update – 19 April 2023

Please see below the latest CCS notice from NZTA

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This newsletter includes reminders about the key changes that take effect from 1 June. We’re producing resources to help you prepare and are pleased to share the first of these with you.

Overnight we also added some minor functionality updates to CO2 accounts and these are listed below.

Also, we’ve included a short list of the key differences between the Clean Car Discount and the Clean Car Standard schemes.

As always, if you have any questions at all please get in touch with the Clean Car Standard team – our contact details are at the end of the newsletter.

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The Clean Car Standard team


Key changes from 1 June

From 1 June, if you’re a Pay As You Go importer, you need to:

  • start paying for charges on vehicles as you accept them
  • pay for any charges incurred between 1 January and 31 May.

You’ll also have the ability to use credits to offset charges on your account and transfer credits between accounts. Note that credit transfers are subject to Anti-Money Laundering checks, and we’ll provide more information on this process in May.


Resources to help you prepare for 1 June

We now have a dedicated 1 June webpage summarising the key changes.

We’ll update the page regularly, so keep checking back. On this page you’ll find a quick-reference timeline available for download (pictured below).

Keep an eye out for more resources in coming weeks, including videos, training guides and details about webinars we’ll be running in May.


Minor system updates

You may notice some minor updates in your account next time you log in:

  • You can now change the name of your account.
  • We’ve now got a function to display important messages and reminders on the main dashboard, so keep an eye out for these.

Excluded vehicles no longer need to link to a CO2 account

We’ve also updated our system so that excluded vehicles no longer need to link to a CO2 account. Previously we required excluded vehicles to be added to an account even though they weren’t subject to targets and calculations – but this requirement has now been removed. If you have or do assign excluded vehicles to your account you don’t need to take any action as these vehicles are not factored into account positions and are not subject to charges or credits.

Heads-up: MVR planned outage for maintenance overnight Saturday

The Motor Vehicle Register (MVR) will be unavailable from 5pm Saturday 22 April to 1am Sunday 23 April for planned maintenance. We recommend not using the Clean Car Standard system during this time as updates won’t flow immediately through to MVR while it is unavailable.


Clean Car Discount vs Clean Car Standard

Here’s a reminder about the differences between the Clean Car Discount and the Clean Car Standard schemes:

The Clean Car Discount

  • is for car buyers
  • aims to increase demand for low or zero emission vehicles
  • consists of rebates and fees based on CO2 emissions for new and used eligible vehicles.

Clean Car Discount fees are paid at the time the vehicle is first registered in New Zealand. Rebates are on an application basis and are applied for after registration.

The Clean Car Standard

  • is for importers
  • aims to increase the supply of low or zero emission vehicles into New Zealand
  • charges importers for vehicles with emissions above the target and gives credits for vehicles with emissions below the target, using calculations that take into account the vehicle’s weight.

From 1 June, PAYG importers who are importing used vehicles need to pay Clean Car Standard charges when they accept the vehicle in the system, prior to registration.

From 1 June, PAYG importers who are importing new vehicles need to pay charges after PDI is complete and prior to the WOF/COF.


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