Greetings Autohub Clients,

We have just received some disturbing news from one client.
It appears someone has impersonated Autohub NZ Ltd using what appears to be legitimate Autohub staff names, email addresses and formats to fraudulently gain payments into a bank account that is not ours.

Please check to see if you have received an email from and also CC’ing Leah and Andrea that contains this (or similar) wording:

Well noted. Kindly note that our bank accounts are current going through our yearly audit. Please inform us before payment is made so we can confirm if to proceed with the bank account details you have on file or we may provide you with updated bank details for this payment of $XX,XXX by 30-January 2020.

Followed by another email containing this account information:
Autohub NZ
06 0583 0492878 00
Please note that this account number IS NOT ONE OF AUTOHUB NZ LTD ACCOUNT NUMBERS.
If you have made any payments to this account, please contact us and your bank immediately.