We hope you and your families are all keeping well and COVID free.

Well, no doubt most of you have had the chance to review the Prime Minister’s announcement this morning regarding COVID 19 and the new way Govt intends to ‘deal’ with it – as soon as NZ hits 90% double vaccinated…

Given this change will hinge upon us achieving this outcome, it seems we all will remain in our current levels of Lockdown for some time yet, and its likely Auckland (and possibly Waikato) wont see any major changes until at least after November 29th when Cabinet meet again to review progress.

Feedback we are receiving from up and down the country is that retail sales post Level 4 are not what they were compared with coming out of previous lockdowns.

As a result, we are also seeing forward buying of vehicles – particularly from Japan and UK – slowing down. This is what we anticipated given subdued sales would place a strain on cashflow and credit arrangements. It appears too that prices in Japan of many staple makes/models have firmed/increased which doesn’t help – even if the FX rates are not bad.

We would like to hear from any of you if your businesses are suffering to the point where you have grave concerns. We would like to help where possible, but we aren’t telepathic – please contact us and let us know what’s happening well before “it happens”… We are seeing the volume of vehicles arriving and going straight into storage due to non-payment on the rise and this is a concern.

Autohub NZ Operations


We all continue to work from home, with one staff member managing the Dereg courier service. We hope you are not experiencing any unnecessary delays in our services, but please keep in mind we are all working in isolation and some things will take longer by default.


COVID Vaccinations


While we know everyone has opinions over getting vaccinated or not, the facts are that those not vaccinated will endure additional restrictions and impositions on their life going forward. That’s a choice you have to make, but if you are simply procrastinating or just indifferent, we urge you to please get vaccinated and help the whole country move forwards.

Autohub NZ staff have been encouraged strongly to get double vaccinated as soon as possible. We are nearly there too…

Management’s position is that when we return to more normal engagement with our customers and suppliers, Autohub staff involved will be double vaccinated well prior. We want you to feel that our engagement with you is not putting you, your business, family and staff at any risk.

We would appreciate you considering the same ethos and do what is needed too.

As always, if you need any information, or assistance, please contact us via customerservices@autohub.co.nz or 094117425


Team Autohub.