Re: Autohub Rewards Program

Autohub has been proud to offer our rewards program for our registered motor vehicle traders over the years, and the tens and thousands of rewards orders we’ve processed and delivered. However, in light of a recent review undertaken on the program and with changes in the loyalty scheme landscape the decision has been made to discontinue the programme effective 1st June 2024.

Business will continue as usual up until 1st June 2024, from theneligible rewards customers will simply no longer accumulate any further rewards points.

At this stage there is no intention to introduce a replacement loyalty scheme, however, Autohub is continuously looking at ways to improve our service delivery and provide better and more transparent value for our customers.


Will I no longer accumulate rewards points?

Effective 1st June 2024 there will be no further accumulation of rewards points


What happens to my existing rewards points?

Existing rewards points WILL NOT be erased but must be redeemed in accordance with Autohub’ s rewards Terms and Conditions


How can I redeem my rewards points?

Please contact with a copy of the product URL link.

More information can be found below


Can I redeem my rewards points for cash?

No. These cannot be redeemed for cash or sold, assigned or transferred for cash or other considerations


What are the rewards points worth?

One point = One New Zealand Dollar with our rewards partners


How many rewards points do I have?

Rewards points balances are shown on the homepage of your MYAUTOHUB account


Any other questions?

Please contact


Kind regards,
Autohub NZ