Japanese Agents & Car Dealers

Supporting Agents and Suppliers – As we do not buy or sell vehicles, we have a list of Japanese and UK Supporters who will be able to source and purchase the vehicle you want in confidence.
TOKYO AUTO SUPPLY JAPAN An exporter of motor vehicles with more than 20 years experience. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with top quality motor vehicles for the lowest possible prices. marcus@autosupply.co.jp
TOKYO BE FORWARD ● At "BE FORWARD" we have a large number of quality used cars, trucks and vans with more arriving EVERYDAY.
● Exports quality cars to NEW ZEALAND and more than 8,000 cars to all over the world every month.
● Competitive price to suit your budget.
● Every car has about 30 pictures so you can really see what you are buying.
● We are very experienced in shipping internationally. Our shipping partners are ready to send your vehicle to you immediately.
TOKYO KOYO TRADING Koyo Trading has been dealing in Japanese cars and used Japanese trucks since 1994. We are members of the major auction houses in Japan. Our company is located in Tokyo, one of the best places to attend used Japanese vehicle auctions. You can bid for Japanese cars at auctions directly from our website. We can serve as your agent and bid on used Japanese vehicle on your behalf at the auctions. koyoco@nifty.com
TOKYO JAPAN CAR DIRECT LLC Wherever you are in the world, dealer or individual, we are your best solution to import JDM used vehicles. We will guide you every step of the way with seamless communication, and beat your expectations! Please contact us today, and lets get you the vehicles of your desire! info@japancardirect.com
TOKYO SHOEI MOTORS We are a Tokyo based motor vehicle export company who have been in the motor vehicle export industry for over 35 years. jm@pop02.odn.ne.jp
NAGOYA IJI We exist in Gifu pref middle of Japan.There is a factory assembly of the Toyota HIACE in our town.The nearest port is Nagoya port.We are privileged environment for exporting used cars.We are able to look for the used car from a japanese inside by making good use of the Internet.We will help you look for and buy the used car. yasumasa@iji.jp
NAGOYA JAPAN TRADING If you really want to import and export used car from auctions in Japan, We will search your car not only Japanese car auctions but also Japanese used car dealers or other sources. Let us take care of your car order from the beginning to the end. nori@japan-tradings.com
OSAKA AUTO PORTAL Auto Portal is your access to the vehicle and machinery suppliers of Japan.Though our company is young, our management and staff have many years of experience. Autoportal's team are well known and respected vehicle traders in Japan, New Zealand and many other countries around the world. keita@autoportal.co.jp
OSAKA ENHANCE AUTO Enhance Auto is an innovative company dedicated to providing the global market with the highest quality Japanese car. Our focus is on the superior customer satisfaction for our valued clients. Our goal is nothing less than exceeding your expectations. kirihata@enhance-auto.co.jp
OSAKA HEIWA AUTO Heiwa Auto has been in the used vehicle market since 1966. 20 years ago we started our global export service and New Zealand has been the main stay and our focus. kohara@heiwa-auto.co.jp
OSAKA MYVEX INC Masa (Masaaki) Yazawa director of MYVEX INC. has had 19 years of experience in the export and import of used vehicles including 4 years establishing and managing a major retail and wholesale motor vehicle operation in New Zealand. masa@myvex.co.jp
KYUSYU EIGHT One of the leading exporters in Japan, We are very experienced used car exporter and auction agent based in Fukuoka. We can source the cars from number of auction on daily basis for the customers. Usually we purchase the cars from auction and directly export to foreign countries. So far we are having a long term relationship with NZ and Kenyan importers. We are still looking for more faithfull business partners worldwide. wataru@eight2010.co.jp
UK BUYUKCARS BUYUKCARS™ is an online tool to view cars for sale in the United Kingdom. Various vendors offer stock at fixed prices, some with a quality warranty. info@buyukcars.com