Dear Valued Customers,

Obon Week is approaching and our Japan offices will be closed at times during the holiday period. Please be aware of the following dates with regard to when our Japan offices will be closed:

6-Aug Thu Today
7-Aug Fri  Office Open
8-Aug Sat
9-Aug Sun
10-Aug Mon Mountain Day
11-Aug Tue Office Open
12-Aug Wed Office Open
13-Aug Thu Obon Holiday
14-Aug Fri Obon Holiday
15-Aug Sat Obon Holiday
16-Aug Sun Obon Holiday
17-Aug Mon Back to normal
18-Aug Tue

The majority of our Japanese export receiving yards will also be closed and unable to receive vehicles during the holidays.

In order to ensure smooth processing, can you please ensure that all YEN payments to your Agents are completed so we are able to gain Agent release prior to this time, to avoid delayed vehicle releases and deliveries here in New Zealand.

If you need any further information, please contact

Kind regards,

Autohub NZ