A to B Fixed Price Vehicle Shipping

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Our Shipping Services

AUTOHUB has offices across the globe to facilitate global vehicle shipping and logistics for a large array of local and international importers and exporters.

Shipping a vehicle?

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A to B Fixed Price Package

AUTOHUB offers an A to B Fixed Price* service for vehicle shipments from:

  • Japan to NZ
  • Japan to Australia
  • Japan to UK (coming soon)
  • UK to NZ
  • UK to Australia
  • Singapore to NZ
  • Singapore to Australia

Please contact us for more information.

Black Map with Arrow Pointing from three countries to a single country

Ex UK VAT Removal

In specific cases, we can assist in the removal of UK VAT for cars exported from the UK.

Ex UK Transit Funding

We can assist in obtaining transit funding for cars exported from the UK – subject to terms and conditions being met.


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