VIA is holding a “Zoom” webinar this Thursday 25 June at 10.00am.

This webinar is to present VIA’s new structure to members

  • All members should attend this webinar.
  • The Council will become the pre-eminent body for the association.
  • Council will be truly representative: either self-selection (by “paying the money” to be in Tier 1), or elected by peers
  • This is the next phase of the restructure, after discussions with key stakeholders last year, drafting of new Rule, adopting new Rules at the SGM
  • More information next week.

 Click here for letter explaining new structure.

Click here for new structure presentation.

Click here to join webinar.

For any questions, please contact VIA’s Chief Executive David Vinsen on 0800 VIA VIA (842 842) or email